• Rodovia Governador Mario Covas, km 509 s/n
  • Condomínio Porto Frade – Angra dos Reis (RJ) - BRAZIL
  • Zip Code: 23946-015
  • Latitude: 22° 58' 4" S / Longitude 044° 26' W
  • Channel: 68 Echo 47
  • Easily accessible by highway, sea and air


Angra dos Reis is located between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, within Serra da Bocaina National Park. The Bay is protected by Ilha Grande, featuring 2000 beaches and 365 islands of calm, transparent waters.

Angra offers excellent seaside restaurant options.


Inside Condomínio Porto Frade, there are various rivers and crystalline waterfalls that can be explored by our clients.

Boat access:

GPS Coordinates: 22°58'04.0"S 44°26'00.0"W

Car access:

Via the BR 101 Highway (Rodovia Governador Mario Covas)

Helicopter access:

Heliport GPS Coordinates: 22°58'12.5"S 44°26'40.5"W