Rules & Information

Radio Room hours: 24 hours

Radio Room prefix: “ECHO 47 canal 68 rádio VHF”

After Marina business hours, all services are provided by the Marina security guard on duty, who can be called via VHF radio channel 68 – “FRADE APOIO.”

Administration contact: during Marina business hours or by phone (24) 3369-0431 / 3369-0338 / email:

Norms of Conduct:

1- Electric power consumption is limited to 40 AMPS per slip.

2- Line fishing or diving alongside the Marina area is prohibited.

3- The speed limit in the Marina vicinity is 03 knots for all vessel types. All damage to the Marina or to the Marina’s vessels caused by waves from boats is the violator’s exclusive responsibility.

4- Emptying a vessel’s hold within the internal area and vicinity of the Marina is expressly prohibited, thus avoiding polluting the beach and the Marina. Boats polluting the Marina shall be immediately notified and reported to the Port Authority (violators must bear all legal penalties).
• All occurrences related to leaks of oil or other hazardous substances must be immediately reported to the MARINA Administration.
• It is the responsibility of the skipper or owner to keep the vessel’s hold clean.

5- Dumping trash or waste (including flushing toilets) into the sea within the Marina perimeter is prohibited.
• Separate onboard waste into at least two types: recyclable (paper, cardboard, plastic, glass) and organic (food leftovers). When disembarking at the Marina, remove all such waste from the pier, disposing of it in the bins provided for such waste located at the MARINA entrance.

6- Noise pollution on the part of Marina users (vessel owners or skippers) shall not be tolerated.

7- We request that dinghies be kept together with their respective vessel, properly tied up and with their motors locked up with padlocks.

8- Skippers of vessels anchored at Marina Porto Frade must always be properly uniformed when circulating on Marina premises: noncompliance with this rule shall lead to cancellation of their condominium entry badge and notification to the owner or person responsible.

9- Maintenance services are only permitted via a maintenance authorization form filled out and signed by the vessel owner. This form must contain a description of the type of service to be performed and the name of the professional who will perform it. We remind you that maintenance services are only permitted when performed in the presence of the skipper or person responsible.

10- The Marina shall not be held responsible for damage to vessels caused by mariners.

11- The Marina Administration keeps an incident log for the purpose of documenting incidents occurring at the Marina. Mariners or service providers accruing more than three incident reports shall be disaccredited before the Marina and denied access to the Marina.

12- Vessel owners will be charged repair/replacement fees for all damage to or loss of cables, anchors, plugs, cable-TV lines, nipples, etc.

13- Vessels moored at the Marina must use fenders.

14- Mariners must take care to turn off faucets on the wharf in order to avoid wasting water.

15- All undisciplined conduct shall first be reported to the person responsible for the vessel and, if necessary, to the vessel’s owner.

16- Vehicle transit on Marina premises is prohibited, except in the case of emergencies.

17 - Storm tide alerts:
Skippers of vessels must be attentive of storm tide forecasts in order to remove their vessels and avoid damage.
Marina Porto Frade shall not be held responsible for damage caused by storm tides producing collisions between vessels at the Marina.
In the case of low tide, mariners must contact the radio room so as to avoid damage to vessels.
Marina Porto Frade exempts itself from all responsibility in the case that a mariner does not contact the radio room to register a vessel’s departure.

Noncompliance with the Marina’s rules by users, their employees or their guests shall lead to a verbal warning, written notification and contractual rescission.